Help Improve the Beltline Trail

Beltline Trail

The City of Toronto has undertaken a study on upgrades and improvements to the Beltline Trail, looking at the entire section from Allen Rd. through Mt. Pleasant Cemetery to the Don Valley Brickworks and back to David Balfour Park. This is the longest rail trail in Toronto, and is well used by cyclists, joggers, dog walkers, pedestrians and others.

However, the trail suffers from a number of problems, including unsafe road crossings at major roads, lack of lighting at night, and ice buildup in winter. A number of local property owners are strongly opposed to any improvements to the trail that could encourage outsiders near their properties.

Cycle Toronto Midtown, the Cycle Toronto Ward Group for Ward 22, has started a petition to help make sure that improvements are made to the Beltine to make it safe for cyclists, pedestrians and all trail users.

All of the attendees at the Oct. 16 TO35Cycles meeting agreed that the group will issue a letter endorsing the petition.

Each of our members can also show their support by signing the petition individually.

Please Click on the following: To Learn More and Sign the Petition >>.

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